Our Team

Shree Rathnam Restaurants Private Limited has been promoted by Shri Bhushan Parkash Gupta & Shri Shivanand Banan, two highly experienced professionals with decades of experience in Hospitality industry.

  • Shri Bhushan Gupta, aged about 58 years, started his career in Hotel Industry in the year 1980 with Sagar Ratna Hotels Private Ltd. He had an uncanny and outstanding knack to identify potential spots for opening of new Branches; designing of kitchen areas with a view to ensuring maximization of available space; negotiating with suppliers of equipment required for setting up of a Restaurant etc In the process he acquired immense experience and developed a vast network of contacts of suppliers; service providers and the like. In course of time his name became synonymous with the man-to-go-to for everything required for restaurant business. With his dedication and commitment he achieved an unique position in the top Management team. After exiting from Sagar Ratna he got together with his close friend and ex-colleague namely Shri Shivanand Banan and both of them embarked on a new venture to fully exploit their immense potential in Hospitality industry.
  • Shri Shivanand Banan also started his carrier in Hospitality industry in the same year 1980 as his Co-promoter but in Bengaluru. He shifted to Sagar Ratna Hotels Private ltd and acquired immense experience in Management of Restaurant business having worked in all areas of its operations and thus gaining immense practical knowledge and experience in every field. His honesty and dedication enabled him to achieve higher managerial positions always in demand for his expert opinion in times of exigencies.

Both the promoters decided to pool their rich expertise in Hospitality industry and start a fresh venture so as to fully exploit their personal wealth of knowledge and expertise to the full extent and thus Shree Rathnam was born.

Shree Rathnam Restaurants Private Ltd was incorporated on 31.05.2012 and was started as a venture to establish; operate and provide to the people of NCT one more alternative in exclusive vegetarian cuisine. The promoters had till then operated in a similar type of business environment and had thus acquired knowledge in every conceivable field of Hospitality industry and were confident of achieving success in their new venture. They were aware that the competition would be severe and daunting but they were determined to face and live up to all challenges and achieve their goal of making the name Shree Rathnam synonymous as the place to go to for an exclusive South Indian vegetarian cuisine.

The task ahead of the promoters was indeed very daunting in surmounting which they had to overcome many challenges including a very competitive business environment; lack of vital financial resources etc. However, they were undeterred by the obstacles that lay ahead of their chosen Goal for they had in their possession an invaluable asset -the supreme confidence of making their venture a success come what may. They were driven by sheer commitment; dedication and devotion. All these enabled them to open the first branch of Shree Rathnam on 20.07.2012 at Paschim Vihar – in a period of less than two months from the date of incorporating their venture. Since then, the company has not looked back. In a span of less than four years the company today boasts of 24 branches spread across the length and breadth of the country including the NCT of Delhi; Haryana; Uttar Pradesh; Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab.

The name and fame of Shree Rathnam soon spread across the northern parts of the country and with a view to meeting the demand from dynamic entrepreneurs who wanted to be a part of the company’s growth wagon it embarked upon a Franchise Model of business expansion which also has become a great success with 24 Franchisee outlets operating successfully as on date.

The Top Management Team

With its business growing and expanding at a fierce pace, the company took the prudent step of appointing professionals to manage the top positions to meet the challenges and ensure smoothness of operations. Presently, the promoters are aided by the following professionals in its day-to-day managerial and business functions:

Mr. Sarvanand Shetty a Graduate in Commerce possessing 3 decades of experience in Banking industry has chosen Hospitality industry out of pure passion. He has intimate and expert knowledge in all areas of Financial functions and Management.

Mr.S Shetty is closely associated with the promoters of Shree Rathnam and is known for his abilities to deliver as a Team Leader. He is one of the members of the Top Management Team of Shree Rathnam and is involved in all its policy decisions He has been playing an important role in areas relating to expansion of Shree Rathnam’s outlets- both own Branches and under Franchise outlets.
Under Mr. S Shetty’s stewardship, Shree Rathnam has witnessed a quantum leap in its expansion programmes.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Anchan is a Diploma Holder in Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from N.R.A.M.P, Nitte,Udupi District, Karnataka. He has completed one year training ( COBOL & DBASE ) in Computer software- at N.I.I.T. Mangalore. For 13 years from 1992 to 2005 he worked for South East Electronic Components Private Ltd, Ghaziabad, (U.P) holding positions such as Production Manager and reaching the position of General Manager handling its entire Mircro-meter Division.
In the year 2005, he joined Sagar Ratna Hotels Private ltd as a Floor Manager and reached the position of Area Manager- Central and West Delhi.
In the year 2012, he joined Shree Rathnam as one of its Senior Executives and was a Member of its core team to start the first Restaurant in New Delhi at Paschim Vihar Region in July 2012. He has contributed immensely to the business growth of the company and has been instrumental in the company’s phenomenal business expansion with twenty four own branches and 24 Franchisee outlets.

Mr. Manish Ranjan, aged 40 years , joined Shree Rathnam in June 2014, is a Graduate in Commerce besides being a Diploma Holder in Hotel Management in Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition from IISM Ranchi. He is also a Certificate Holder in Computer Application. Mr. Manish Ranjan started his career in Hospitality Industry at a very young age. He has successfully completed:

  • “Train the Trainer” program conducted by the Hyatt International, Chicago; Productivity and counseling skills. Interviewing and motivational skills. Up selling and cross selling through integrated links.
  • Fire safety on the job. Energy conservation, setting priority, managerial skills, pegboard, budgeting and costing.

Mr. Manish Ranjan brings with him his very rich and immense experience in all gamut of Hospitality industry. He is in-Charge of Franchise operations and expansion programmes of the company’s operations through opening of new Franchise outlets. Mr. Manish Ranjan’s abilities have enabled the company to achieve spectacular growth in Franchise Module of operations.

The Journey Thus Far

Shree Rathnam has achieved immense success in a very short span of time. Its competitors were well established names in the Industry with decades of existence and with access to rich resources. However with dedication, devotion and commitment as its tools, Shree Rathnam has not only overcome all such challenges but has presently staked a claim as the best South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in North India as evidenced by the Award titled TIMES FOOD- New Delhi received consecutively for 2 years for 2013 and 2014 as The Best South Indian Hotel.

Shree Rathnam Brand has earned an exclusive name for its vegetarian specialties be it South Indian; North Indian or Chinese cuisines. The Brand has become synonymous with excellence in quality, deliciousness and Courteous service. With these USPs the annual Business levels and rate of growth achieved by Shree Rathnam leave none in doubt that it is poised to become the industry leader not far in the future.